Downloadable Lunar Calendar and Windows XP Issue

One of the consequences of those legal wars between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems is that Windows XP does not have Java support "out-of-the-box". This deficiency is easy to fix: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be downloaded for free from website (choose JRE 5.0), the latest version "weights" around 16 Mb, and it will make your computer Java-enabled.

Now, if you don't have a JRE installed, the following problem will show itself on Windows XP computers.

When you try to download the luca.jar file from the Downloads Page, Windows XP automatically renames it to, and when you double-click it, as advised, it just shows you the contents of the package - nothing of interest for you.

If you want to run this program, remove the file, download and install the JRE and then download another copy of Lunar Calendar. This should work well.

For the future, I will have to avoid creating Java programs despite of all their benefits.


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