On the Planetary Calendar

A couple of visitors asked me why don't I display more planetary hours - say, for a few coming days - so that they could plan their activities properly. Frankly speaking, this is exactly what I am going to do. Also, I am going to extend the article which can be found at the Planetary Calendar page and explain in details how planetary hours are calculated.

However, at the moment I am completing my dissertation and passing the final exams of an MSc programme - you can imagine how busy I am. By the end of May all these distractions should be over and I will resume my work on Lunarium.

One more thing about planetary hours. Some visitors (actually, very few) report a problem when viewing planetary hours. In fact, they see some wrong planetary hour displayed. This is easy to check: the first hour after the sunrise is ruled by the same planet which rules that week day. On Mondays the first hour after the sunrise is ruled by the Moon, on Tuesdays - by Mars, on Wednesdays - by Mercury, on Thursdays - by Jupiter, on Fridays - by Venus, on Saturdays - by Saturn and on Sundays - by the Sun. Well, this "first hour" is usually not exactly 60 minutes, but that will be explained later. Let it be "approximately one hour" for now.

To return to the problem, some visitors check the Planetary Calendar in the morning, soon after the sunrise, say on Friday, but instead of Venus they see some other planet. I was never able to reproduce this problem on any of my computers. So I think this is a trick of those rare visitors' browsers.

I hope that someone who will notice such an anomaly will want to communicate with me and to work on the problem from both ends, so to say.


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