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The new version of the Planetary Calendar

I have to admit that the previous version of the Planetary Calendar had some errors in it, so I had to rewrite the code for that page from scratch. Additionally, I have finally completed the feature which was planned long ago: a kind of time table which displays all the planetary hours for two planetary days: the current and the next ones. Also there is an article which explains what planetary hours are and how they are calculated.

Kuala Lumpur, Bath, Kingston and more

A number of cities were added: Kuala Lumpur, Bath, Detroit MI, Lansing MI, Flint MI, Minneapolis MN and Kingston. I was also asked to add Mumbai and Indian Standard Time which is 5:30 plus to Greenwich. But unfortunately, the old software which supports the work of Lunarium and which was created by myself years ago can work with integer time zones only. So it could take 5 or 6 hours, but not 5:30. Rewriting all the code is not possible right now, however, in a few months time I am planning to recreate Lunarium on a different platform (Java, or perhaps ASP.NET, didn't decide yet). In the new version, Indian Standard Time and the cities which use it will present by all means. Also one of the visitors asked why Daylight Saving Time is not considered in the Moon Sign Calculator . Which is a fair observation, and such an option was added today.