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Recent Site Reorganization and Further Plans

Lunarium is still quite young, but it became apparent that its design came to some sort of limit: it was difficult to find where to put any new content. So I decided to reorganize it and also to make it more user-friendly. First of all, there is a new Home Page . My guess is that many of the first-time visitors of Lunarium were frightened by the view of seemingly complicated monthly Lunar Calendar. Now they will see an easy description of the current phase of the Moon, a friendly explanation of what Lunarium is and a log of the most recent changes/additions. As for the monthly Lunar Calendar, it was moved to its own page . Also, the Articles page was added. It has a link to a single article right now, "On the Nature of Retrograde Planets" , and this article is still being written, but this is where I will be able to add many new materials which I am going to make available at Lunarium with time. The next one will be about some new details about the Jonas method which I ha