What is Globa?

Here is an email that I have received one day:

I wanted to ask the following question: 

"However, for Globa this is a
'Satanic' day, with all the ensuing consequences..."

What is GLOBA ? I did a Google Search but NOTHING came out of it nor did I find anything about Globa in your articles.


Pavel Globa is one of the most widely known (in Russia) Russian astrologers. He was one of those very few first astrologers who began to popularize serious astrology even before the collapse of the Soviet system. And he became extremely popular after the collapse. Now, if you ask any Russian, whom of astrologers do they know, if any, they will certainly mention Globa, and in most cases only him.

Globa states that his astrology system is based on Avesta. Well, there are not so many people who actually know Avesta, so we have to believe here. What is for sure is that his system is highly unusual and eclectic. It has a lot of methods and approaches which I didn't see anywhere else, or didn't see in this combination.

To begin with, they draw their chart in clockwise direction, not counter-clockwise as most other astrologers do. They use on a regular basis a number of fictional planets, such as 'Black Moon', 'White Moon', Proserpina etc. They use parses, calculate Almutens and many other factors in a way similar to Medieval astrology. They have some magical rituals.

What I don't like about this school is their blackish, satanic dimension. But exactly this attracts to it many other people. Their interpretations speak about sins and punishments, they might characterise you as a Grand Master of the Universe or a hopeless victim just on the basis of, say, Black Moon or some other fictional point placed in a particular way. In short, this is not my kind of astrology.

So why did I use the Globa's interpretations of Lunar Days? Simply because there are very few sources of information on them, and I wanted to make my information as comprehensive as possible.


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