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Lunarium 2.0 is coming...

I have to apologize for not answering the visitors' feedback in a timely manner, but the truth is that I am working on a new, rebuilt from scratch, version of Lunarium. It uses super-precise , state-of-the-art, Swiss Ephemeris for its calculations, and in many ways it will respond the requests that I was receiving from you. For example, it will be much easier to add another city to Lunarium, and the choice of available cities will be much wider. It will be possible to build Lunar Calendar for any month, for any day at list for the period of 1900 - 2010. Jonas method will receive another, precise and powerful engine, and I will publish all the information I possess about this method. Finally, the new Java technology I am using for Lunarium 2.0 will prevent those errors in timing that unfortunately appear from time to time in the current version of Lunarium. Thanks for your patience!

Lunarium: Plans for the Future

My work on the new calculation engine goes well, but there are still things to do. As the engine will become available, the following enhancements are planned at Lunarium: 1. Jonas Method calculations will be still more precise and they will work well no matter when the person was born (right now, the calculator doesn't work for thos born close to New Moon). 2. It will be very easy to add any new location to the list of the cities at Lunarium, you will be able to do that yourself. 3. You will be able to get lunar calendar for any month in the wide range of years, not just for 2006 - 2008. I think the range 1900 - 2020 will be available.

Planetary Hours Gadget

I have been experimenting with Google Gadgets recently. The idea was to make the most popular content from Lunarium easily available for everyone. Just now I have added the third gadget, Planetary Hours, and I really like it. This gadget uses Google Maps API to set its location, which means that you can set it to just any village using, say, its post code. Blantyre where I live is a small place, but you can see at the Gadgets page how I have planetary hours calculated for it. I find that Google Gadgets work best on the personalized Google search page ( ), and I find this page very, very convenient. But you can also put them onto any page of your website if you wish, as Gadgets page demonstrates.

Firdaria Project

I have started a new project, . It is only a beginning, but the "heart" of the project. the Firdar Calculator, is already online and working. In case you don't know what is it, Firdaria is an astrological method of prediction, an important tool in the Medieval astrologer's toolbox. I find it very informative and important. The next step will be adding examples and general interpretations. And then the ultimate goal is to create an intellectual individual Firdar interpreter that will take the individual birth data and produce a very much individualized description of Firdaria.