Lunarium 2.0 is coming...

I have to apologize for not answering the visitors' feedback in a timely manner, but the truth is that I am working on a new, rebuilt from scratch, version of Lunarium. It uses super-precise , state-of-the-art, Swiss Ephemeris for its calculations, and in many ways it will respond the requests that I was receiving from you.

For example, it will be much easier to add another city to Lunarium, and the choice of available cities will be much wider.

It will be possible to build Lunar Calendar for any month, for any day at list for the period of 1900 - 2010.

Jonas method will receive another, precise and powerful engine, and I will publish all the information I possess about this method.

Finally, the new Java technology I am using for Lunarium 2.0 will prevent those errors in timing that unfortunately appear from time to time in the current version of Lunarium.

Thanks for your patience!


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