Still moving...

Quite a few years after the last post... The time is running so quickly. The new Lunarium is still in works - now I just must to make it ready by the end of the year, or the whole system will be broken. And I do have some good ideas of how to implement it. 

For many people it became a shock that Jonas Method Calculator was first renamed to Lunar Conception Calculator and then became paid. Well, both steps have a good reason. First of all, I was contacted by some lawyers who informed me that Jonas Method is a trade mark reserved by someone else, so I had to drop it.

Around the same time, I have purchased a license for Swiss Ephemeris which allowed me to do the necessary astronomical calculations with the highest possible precision and to overcome the shortcomings of the old calculator (which, because of its low precision algorithm, went ballistic for the births close to the New Moon).

Around the same time I have moved the conception calculator to the new expensive hosting that allowed me to use the new libraries.

Also, I was approached by the people who were eager to continue the research into the findings of Dr. Jonas from where he left it.

Also, I felt like I am fed up doing an important stuff during evenings and weekends while earning my bread doing some stupid stuff during all the most creative and productive time of the week.

Yet another thought was: hey people, if this work is important for you and you do have a few pennies to pay for your bread, so why don't you pay a little bit for a piece of work which might be more important for you than a piece of bread?

This is how we came to making the calculation a paid service. It is still in the state of rectification and upgrade and attracting associates in different parts of the world but should be made up and running soon!


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