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How to define whether the eclipse is important for you personally

Eclipses produce a shake-up in the aura of our planet. The day of the eclipse can be disturbing for our health and emotional state. These are more or less general things. However, for some people an eclipse can produce a powerful impulse which can dramatically change the direction of their life, their relationships, position in the society and so on. It was noticed that important changes can start a few months before the eclipse (they say that the eclipse "throws shadow in front of it") and continue after it for years. Some of the changes provoked or stimulated by the eclipse can be disturbing, even destructive. But such a shake-up can also help us to see new horizons, to understand something, it can awake us from lethargy and give an outlet to our creativity. Using some simple astrological rules, it is possible to conjecture whether the coming eclipse will touch our life, and if it will then how strongly and what kind of changes might be expected - disruptive or creative.

New Lunarium is Taking Shape

I made completing the new version of Lunarium a priority and hope to complete it by the end of August. The first "bare bones" version of the New Lunarium will reproduce everything available on the old version but on a completely different level. These are the main differences between the Old Lunarium and the emerging New Lunarium: 1. You will not need to request adding a new city to the list of locations. This ancient procedure is replaced with a completely different solution. There will be a map (actually a Google Map) where you will be able to select just any place on the Earth, click on it, give it a name, select a time zone and confirm your selection. That's it - Lunarium will use the specified location for the Lunar Calendar, for the Planetary Hours and everywhere else where the information will be location-specific.  2. There will be significantly more information available. The Old Lunarium displays information about lunar phases, days, signs and void-of-course