Moon's Nodal Transits Were Added

Just added to the Lunar Gardening Calendar another bit of useful information - the Moon's transits through its North and South nodes. It is recommended not to plant anything on the days when they happen.

I understand that at the moment those few people who can see the new site are able to see only a huge number of symbols, dates and times without any comments. This is not how it will stay though - there will be sufficient explanation for each and every bit of information, with further references to the books, from which a more extended knowledge can be gained.

The plan is, first, to complete the computational core of the New Lunarium. Most of this is already done. Just to add moonset/moonrise times to the Gardening Calendars, display planetary hours and retrograde planets, calculate Moon Sign - that's it. I hope to complete all this by the end of the next week.

The next step will be to add the text, and a lot of it. Then I will need to "ajaxify" the site to make its interface fluent and natural.

Finally, there will be a number of bits and pieces behind the scenes that will allow me to maintain Lunarium without much effort.

Hmm... Clearly, I can't complete all this by the end of August, unfortunately. But since the most difficult part is already done, the completion of the New Lunarium isn't too far. Autumnal Equinox? Maybe.


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