Planetary Aspects in Lunar Gardening Calendar

Phew... It was a long, long working day (this is how I am spending my Sundays), but the Lunar Gardening Calendar is now able to display lunar and planetary aspects for each day of each year from 2001 to 2020 - and for each location too!

I haven't uploaded the latest code yet as there is a minor bug - some aspects are displayed twice - but will do that tomorrow, as soon as the bug is caught.

After this, I will add moonrises/moonsets and Moon's transits through its Nodes. Then I will consider the Gardening Calendar completed and start working on Planetary Hours feature.

In the completed version of New Lunarium, everything will be described and explained - like why lunar aspects or the time of moonrise are important in gardening - but for now I am completing the core functionality, leaving explanations and other texts for a later stage.


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