Planet's Dignities and Current Positions

I am ill these days, so my work on the New Lunarium has slowed down somewhat - but it hasn't stopped! And thanks to the fact that I am working more slowly, I was able to recollect some of my plans that I have almost forgotten.

Currently on the Planetary Hours page, I decided I need to display the planets' dignities for the selected day. I mean the essential dignities that depend on the planet's position in the Zodiac, using the points given by William Lilly. This will be a little bit tricky as fast planets can move during one day from term to term or even from sign to sign. I will probably need to provide a way to select a specific moment in time. And if so, I will be able to display the accidental dignities - those that depend on position in the houses and other transitory things.

The other pieces of information that I am going to display are the current planetary positions as well as current aspects, including parallels of declination and counterparallels.

Haven't decided yet where to put all these bits. Maybe I will add two more pages, one for the dignities, the other for current positions and aspects. Will try different variants and see what works best.


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