New Solution for Selecting Locations

As the date of New Lunarium becoming public approaches, I am concentrating on the most essential functionality, leaving cosmetic polishing for a later stage.

A number of volunteers has tested the solution for selecting locations on the Earth based on Google Maps, and most of them told me that although it is very flexible, too many steps are needed to select a location. Most people would prefer the old solution where a city can be selected from a drop-down box.

Well, the old solution was good for a limited number of locations only, while I am constantly receiving requests to add more and more cities. I wanted to find a solution that would involve as few steps as possible, like the old drop-down box, while at the same time provided the flexibility of Google Maps. And here is what I decided to do.

There will be two pages, one of them very simple, named Settings, the other one is Location, with Google Maps but redesigned to make it simpler.

The Settings page will offer two drop-down boxes: one for countries, the other one for cities. This is where the users will be able to select a location in the most convenient and simple way. Obviously, the selection of locations will be limited but I will try to have there all the locations that were ever requested by email by the visitors of the old Lunarium.

The Setting page will also allow to select the preferred date format.

Those who cannot find their location on the Settings page will have two options:

  1. They can go to the Location page and select a location using the advanced Google Maps-based interface.
  2. Or they can email the webmaster and request adding a new location to the drop-down list. With the New Lunarium, adding a new location will be much easier than it is now so I hope to be able to satisfy most of such requests, if not all of them.
This is the plan, and I am working on implementing it right now.


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