Planning the New Moon Sign Calculator

Hey, it is already September! And New Lunarium still isn't open to the public! I need to think about priorities... There are many valuable pages that can be added without too much effort, but the main priority should be to open the new site - and then I can keep adding new pages forever.

To open the new site, I need to reproduce those features that already exist on the old Lunarium, and the last missing dynamic feature is the Moon Sign Calculator. And as with all the other features, I want to not just reproduce the existing functionality but to go one or two steps further.

With the Moon Sign Calculator, I want to add the following:

1) Warn is the Moon is in the very last or very first degrees of a sign, in which case the influence of the adjacent sign can be quite noticeable.

2) List any precise aspects that the Moon has with planets. They can modify the Moon's manifestations quite a bit. Also give brief descriptions of these aspects.

3) Give a list of celebrities and other people who have their Moon in the same degree of the same sign (by providing a link to an appropriate page of AstroDataBank at Yes, and display the Moon's degree.

After this is done, there will be still a substantial amount of work with textual contents - but that will go faster than programming.


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