Lunar Calendar Details and Broken Gadgets

Now I am having more constructive feedback, there are less and less emails saying that I have ruined my site by replacing a dark background with a light one...

The most important complaint is that Lunar Calendar now doesn't provide all the textual information that was provided by the old one. This is true, of course, but the information is coming and significantly more rich than it was before. My approach has two levels:

1. Right in the calendar, each bit of information will have a 'tooltip' - a brief textual explanation of what it is and what it means that appears when you hover your mouse over that bit of information. The information displayed in such tooltips is exactly same that was available in the old calendar.

Right now, I have implemented tooltips for the lunar days in the universal calendar. I believe this is a much more convenient solution than the old one. In the old calendar, you had to click on a link, say, for the same lunar day, and the link would bring you to the link of lunar days. Then you would have to navigate back to see another bit of information in the same or another day.

With the new calendar, you don't need to leave it, all the information will appear under your cursor as soon as you hover it on an event that is of interest to you.

2. The second level of information will be represented by articles devoted specifically to each element of the calendar: an article on lunar days, an article on phases and so on. In these articles, I will make available all the information that I have on the subject.

The second important complaint is that Google gadgets, of which I have three (Lunar Informer, Moon Sign Now and Planetary Hours), do not work anymore. That's really bad because I have put a lot of effort into making sure they continue to work. The problem is that in the years that passed since I have created those gadgets, Google Gadget API has changed significantly, and I have forgotten even those things that I did know about this API. So I will have to relearn everything from scratch and possibly rebuild my gadgets before they will work again. The only thing I can promise is that I will do that by all means.


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