A Rough Transition

The New Lunarium has replaced the old site. I have already received a number of emails asking to bring back the old site as people prefer the old design. Well, design is a very personal thing and although the old colour scheme wasn't too bad, it couldn't be used for a truly extensive resource - like what Lunarium is going to become in close future.

Many complaints are very fair though as I wasn't able to complete many important details before launching the new site. Also, a few things that were supposed to work, like Lunar Informer gadget, got broken despite of my best efforts.

Of the important details that are missing the two that I am going to fix in the first place are:

1. In the universal lunar calendar, clicking on various symbols will display an appropriate information, like what this or that lunar day means etc.

2. On the planetary hours page, the current hour will be highlighted and the time format will be the one that the user has selected in the Settings.

I am going to work daily fixing various problems and adding more information to the pages - but let me get some rest first. It was really a challenge for me to get the core of the site ready and working, and I am somewhat exhausted at the moment. This is something I was planning and doing for years, and it is designed to work without any major maintenance for many years ahead.

If there is something you are terribly missing, please let me know. Bug reports will be highly appreciated. But please understand that there is no return to the old site: it would die anyway on the 1st of January 2010. This is why I am in such a haste with rolling out the new version.

If you want the New Lunarium to be better in one or another respect - please help me to make it better with your feedback. Thank you!


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