Difficult times

I am spending a lot of time and energy doing my new job, so I have only an hour or two in the evenings to work on Lunarium. Yes, and weekends of course. As a result, the work goes ahead very slowly, but it still moves.

I have completed rewriting of the article about planetary days and hours. I am gradually translating and uploading the descriptions of the lunar days, both by Vronsky and Globa. This last work goes exceptionally slowly, mainly thanks to Globa, his language and terminology. Please don't ask me what did he mean here or there: some of his advices are quite puzzling or ambiguous in the original, so all I can do is translate them as closely to the original as possible.

Translation goes so slowly that I allow myself to distract to the other topics. The next distraction is going to be the second lesson of the astro school, it will be devoted to the basic symbolism of planets.


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