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Lunarium Mobile

You might have noticed that I haven't updated Lunarium in any significant way for a while. That's because while I was rolling out New Lunarium, my other projects were patiently waiting, and finally the time came to give them an opportunity to be born. Mostly those are iPhone/iPod touch projects. A couple of them were completed, both are based on numerology: Your Life Graph and Life Path . Although the names are alike, the apps are different. I am going to make a separate posting to explain why I appreciate numerology so much. Also, I was able to complete my first Android app, that's iLuna for Android . iLuna for BlackBerry is still in development and is a bit stuck. I am somewhat disappointed by BlackBerry platform, it is so... 1990-sh compared to iPhone and Android. But I hope to do something for that platform as well one day. Nokia with its adoption of Qt begins to look interesting but Qt licensing isn't very exciting I'd say, at least for now. I was plannin