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The day of power outages

My train to London came 10 minutes late because some brief power outages. The first piece of news that I saw after coming to the office is this: Authorities were investigating a rush-hour power blackout in parts of Southern California, Arizona and Mexico on Thursday that left more than 1 million customers without power and caused widespread traffic jams. The day of power outages across the globe? I will check the transits when I have time.

Working hard...

Sorry, I am keeping silent for two long, so wanted to give you a heads up. I am working on a completely new version of the Five Signs app which could be a completely new app, but I decided that it will be nice to make it available for free to those who has already purchased the app. The new version will come with Facebook integration and a couple of very new features that I hope will make the app a lot more interesting for it owners. The new version of Five Signs will initially appear for iPhone, but soon after that I am hoping to complete the Android version of it.

More on BlackBerry and Retrograde Mercury

It was announced that RIM (the maker of BlackBerry) recalls 1000 of its new PlayBooks that were recently launched in the end of retro Mercury period. This is a good example of how things can go literally backwards when something important is done during a retrograde Mercury.

Winners and Losers: the Difference is in Timing

Back in March there were rumours circulating that in the beginning of April Apple is going to announce something new, something exciting. I was doubtful about those rumours, because, in my experience, Apple is usually quite clever when it comes to timing. The beginning of April wasn't a good time for a major advancement in business because Mercury was retrograde. You can read about the peculiarities of retrograde motion in the “About Retrograde Planets” article . Basically, projects started at this time either don't live long or prove to be irrelevant. They can often be half-baked, not very well thought through. The time has shown that I was correct. Apple didn't make any announcements while Mercury was retrograde, except of the astonishing report of their financial results. That, however, was a thing of the past and so was appropriate for the symbolism of retrograde motion. Only in the last days of April, when Mercury already went direct, did Apple make a couple of m

Lunar Diary

Finally, I decided to create an application that I always wanted to have myself, instead of trying to guess what other people might find useful. Meet Lunar Diary . The problem with lunar days is that their traditional descriptions are often quite contradicting, and still I find it important to take into account lunar days when planning something important. I know that the 29th lunar day isn't good for anything, but the 21st day is good, especially for traveling. Quite often I notice that some event is very close to the topic of the lunar day when it happens, but then I forget about it, and the valuable knowledge gets lost. Lunar Diary allows to quickly write a note and associate it with a specific lunar day, and store any number of such notes. This way, the user can accumulate the personal knowledge and experience of different lunar days and use it as a guide - the more valuable the more notes are collected.