Winners and Losers: the Difference is in Timing

Back in March there were rumours circulating that in the beginning of April Apple is going to announce something new, something exciting. I was doubtful about those rumours, because, in my experience, Apple is usually quite clever when it comes to timing.

The beginning of April wasn't a good time for a major advancement in business because Mercury was retrograde. You can read about the peculiarities of retrograde motion in the “About Retrograde Planets” article. Basically, projects started at this time either don't live long or prove to be irrelevant. They can often be half-baked, not very well thought through.

The time has shown that I was correct. Apple didn't make any announcements while Mercury was retrograde, except of the astonishing report of their financial results. That, however, was a thing of the past and so was appropriate for the symbolism of retrograde motion.

Only in the last days of April, when Mercury already went direct, did Apple make a couple of major steps: first the announcement of the white iPhone, then the introduction of the new super-powerful iMacs. Mercury was still quite slow, but there was an important conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries on the 1st of May, very beneficial for an advancement in business.

This is an example of a winner, how they select the time for their steps. Now let’s have a look at the other side of the spectrum.

There we shall see RIM with their BlackBerry PlayBook. They managed to announce their new product on one of the worst possible days, on the 19th of April. Not only Mercury was still retrograde, it was very slow, and still slowing down. As if this wasn't enough, Mercury was also approaching the opposition of Saturn.

It wasn’t surprising then that the very first reviews of the PlayBook were very negative, with typical for retrograde Mercury “unfinished, unusable” refrain. Most shockingly, the tablet didn't have any means of communication, like email, calendar or contacts of its own. The proud owner would have to either use a webmail or connect the tablet to a BlackBerry device using a special piece of software.

If you are familiar with astrological symbolism, you will see how the opposition of Mercury, the symbol of communication, with Saturn, the symbol of difficulties and limitations, is highly appropriate for the PlayBook's lack of means for communication.

BlackBerry PlayBook was planned to be at least as successful as Apple’s iPad, but in reality it is a failure.

Does Apple use any astrological advice for their successful timing? Not necessarily.

It was noticed many times that those people who don't have a clear idea of what they want or whose plans are still far from being cut in stone tend to become very active when Mercury is retrograde, when everything in the world is moving and shifting. Somehow, they manage to intuitively select such periods for their major advancements.

It is quite possible then that the reverse is true as well, that those people who know very well what exactly they are doing are able to intuitively select for their advancement the best possible moments in time, or at least to avoid the worst periods. I believe that Apple and its successful development is a good example of this.


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