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Firdaria in Action

My Sun/Jupiter firdar started yesterday, and it is amazing how the whole atmosphere in my life has changed overnight. I find firdaria extremely important, especially considering the simplicity of their use. If you don't know about this method yet, here is my website where you will find all the necessary information: . Another very important and very simple factor to consider when trying to understand your life is the nine year numerological cycle of personal years. I haven't described it in my numerology lessons yet, but I am certainly to do that. Here is a link to my Numerology School .

New Astrology School

I came to understanding that having astrology lessons hidden deeply inside Lunarium isn't a good idea. As a result, I created a new website, What Is Astrology , that will now host the lessons and all the related to them resources. I've also published a new lesson, Qualities and Polarities in Horoscope . I hope you will like it. There is still work to do here and there, the text of the whole website is still being copy edited but all the lessons are all there and I am working on the website daily. There is a proper newsletter subscription in place, so if you want to keep in touch, please subscribe.

Numerology School

I am starting a new Numerology School . It is based on my numerology book that was published in Russia about ten years ago and was quite popular. Now I am presenting my work to the English-speaking audience: free lessons of numerology, online numerology calculator, book reviews, reports, and more.