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The Astrology of Death by Richard Houck: a Review

The topic of death is very important, indeed. We avoid to think about this, but none of those who is live will avoid death sooner or later. While the lack of desire to discuss the ultimate departure is totally understandable from a private point of view, it is a shame that Western Astrology as a whole is unable to predict death. Yes, announcing to someone that an astrologer thinks he will die at such and such date in most cases would be cruel and pointless. However, in real life there are numerous scenarios when it can be important to know for how long a certain person is going to live. Both Medieval Western Astrology and Hindu Astrology do pay a major attention to defining the longevity of a person. The Astrology of Death by Richard Houck is perhaps the only widely available and easily readable and comprehensible text on the astrological prediction of death. The author bravely, sometimes even with humour, approaches the tabu topic. The book is full of real life examples and prac

A Free Treasure Trove of Astrological Ideas

Reading Astrology of Death by Richard Houck (about which I am going to write a detailed review when I finish reading), I found a reference to an interesting idea, described by Ross Harvey in an article titled The Life Span Revolution . The only problem is that the article was published in an unknown to me astrological magazine named Considerations. Still, I was able to find a copy of the article on Scribd, and then found that the article mentions an interesting method of rectification mentioned in an earlier issue of the same Considerations magazine. I made another search, and was amazed to find that the whole magazine, all its issues, is available absolutely free here: . Enjoy! That same page also offers a book by Ken Gillman, the author of the articles about rectification which I was so keen on. I've ordered the book, and as soon as I've done with it I'll offer a review.

Moon Sign Book is Coming

Moon Sign Calculator is the most popular feature of Lunarium. This is quite natural: the Moon Sign is not less important than the Sun Sign (most often misnamed as "star sign") but finding it out requires some tricky astronomical calculations. Moon Sign Calculator does all those calculations in a split of a second and displays not only the Sign of the Zodiac where one's Moon was located at birth but even a precise degree and minute of that sign, plus a brief description of what that means. Over the years, I was putting together a collection of various well known and not very well known but interesting people who share the same Moon Sign. I had many interesting findings when working on that collection. For example, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are pioneers in computing, they both led humanity to a totally different understanding of computing.  Isn't it interesting then that both men have the pioneering sign Aries for their Moon Sign? Also, I could often see th

Jonas Method Calculator is Back

I believe I have now found the correct way to make the discovery of Dr Jonas available to everyone without jeopardising the idea. The free online version of Jonas Method Calculator (but renamed into Lunar Conception Calculator ) is again available on Lunarium. Everyone can calculate their phase return moments and, if the information is going to be used for an attempt of conception, there is an indication of gender of the child that can be conceived then. There is also an article explaining the idea of the method and describing the research which was done around it: Lunar Conception: a Discovery of Dr Jonas . All this should be sufficient for healthy individuals without a heavy karma who want to conceive a child of a desired gender, or for those who want to use their phase return for achievements in sport.  As for those who are having a problem with conceiving a child, there is a special service offered by Odan Institute . There, you will have an experienced astrologer w