A Free Treasure Trove of Astrological Ideas

Reading Astrology of Death by Richard Houck (about which I am going to write a detailed review when I finish reading), I found a reference to an interesting idea, described by Ross Harvey in an article titled The Life Span Revolution. The only problem is that the article was published in an unknown to me astrological magazine named Considerations.

Still, I was able to find a copy of the article on Scribd, and then found that the article mentions an interesting method of rectification mentioned in an earlier issue of the same Considerations magazine.

I made another search, and was amazed to find that the whole magazine, all its issues, is available absolutely free here: http://www.freeconsiderations.com/. Enjoy!

That same page also offers a book by Ken Gillman, the author of the articles about rectification which I was so keen on. I've ordered the book, and as soon as I've done with it I'll offer a review.


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