Moon Sign Book is Coming

Moon Sign Calculator is the most popular feature of Lunarium. This is quite natural: the Moon Sign is not less important than the Sun Sign (most often misnamed as "star sign") but finding it out requires some tricky astronomical calculations. Moon Sign Calculator does all those calculations in a split of a second and displays not only the Sign of the Zodiac where one's Moon was located at birth but even a precise degree and minute of that sign, plus a brief description of what that means.

Over the years, I was putting together a collection of various well known and not very well known but interesting people who share the same Moon Sign. I had many interesting findings when working on that collection.

For example, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are pioneers in computing, they both led humanity to a totally different understanding of computing.  Isn't it interesting then that both men have the pioneering sign Aries for their Moon Sign?

Also, I could often see that the Moon Sign is in many cases more descriptive for the whole life and destiny of an individual than the Sun Sign. Just one recent example: Leonard Cohen, a Canadian novellist and folksinger, was born on September the 21st, 1934, so his Sun Sign is Virgo. However, at some point in his life Leonard became a Buddhist monk and went to live in a monastery. How typical would it be for a Virgo? But this life change would be easy to understand if we knew that Cohen's Moon Sign is Pisces, strongly associated with spirituality, religion and monasteries. His hidden but true self, shown by the Moon Sign, has manifested itself.

There are very many examples like these, and I thought that if brought together, they could make an interesting book. Now, I can announce that I have already started working on the Moon Sign Book, and the first chapter is available as a free preview.

I am going to self-publish this book, and originally it will be an ebook only but later I might decide to create a paper version too.

I am now working on the Aries chapter, which will also become a part of the free preview as soon as it will be ready.


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