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A Void-of-Course Moon Example

I just posted an article on Lunarium on how to understand the void-of-course Moon , and here is a good example for it. Friday the 10th of May was almost a whole day void-of-course period here in London. The company I currently work for has submitted an iPhone app to Apple for approval right in the middle of the day.  It would look very ridiculous if I tried to warn them. Programmers are the worst people when it comes to intangible matters (except of me of course! J).  I also submitted an app on the same day, a new version of the Moon Sign , but I did that late in the evening, after the Moon has entered Gemini.  And here is the result. My app was approved unexpectedly quickly, while the company's app was rejected.  Do you still not believe in the importance of void-of-course periods?

Void-of-Course Moon Explained

Finally, I have written an article which properly, and avoiding technical terms, explains what is the Void-of-Course Moon, how the knowledge of it should be used, and offers an interesting and informative story about how President Reagan used Void-of-Course Moon in his career. You will find the new article here: About the Void-of-Course Moon .