A Great Example of the Moon in Libra

In my Moon Sign book, I've written the following:

The ruler of Libra Venus gives the Moon-in-Libra people a great natural appreciation of the beauty of the surrounding world, and since Libra is an Air sign, they feel an urge to somehow tell other people about that beauty, to share their adoration of the world. That's why you will find many famous artists who were born with the Moon in Libra.

In a different section of the book, I am using an example of Sylvester Stallone as of a typical Moon-in-Libra individual. But it is only now that I've discovered that he is not just a world-famous actor, he is also an artist! His art exhibition in Switzerland a few years ago was entitled "Sylvester Stallone: 35 Years of Painting".

I've made quite a number of little discoveries while working on the book, and now, when the book is already finished, I keep making more of them!


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