The Moon Sign Book

This project was the main focus of my efforts over the last half a year. There was a lot of research and gathering data, many ideas waiting to be described properly, and this was also my very first astrological book in English (I do have already two other books published in English but those were about some obscure areas of computer programming). So it was a massive effort.

Finally, the book is available and is waiting for its readers.

I made sure that the paperback version is available, and it is printed on a cream paper, which I think is very appropriate for the topic of the book - it resembles the colour of the moonlight. I tried to keep the book as affordable as possible, but on-demand printing isn't cheap. Anyway, if you, like myself, still like paper books, you can get a paper version of my Moon Sign book here:

The book will also be available, or is already available, for all the major eReader platforms. You can get it right now for:

It should appear soon at the Apple iBookstore as well, pending their review.

But if all you need is a PDF version (although you can get from there an ePub and a MOBI version as well) then the most convenient option might be Leanpub:


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