How To Find Out Your Moon Sign? Part 3: Using a Natal Chart Calculator

Perhaps the best way to figure out someone's Moon Sign is to use a free online horoscope calculator. There are a few of them available, and they do all the calculations that would otherwise be performed by a professional astrological software. These calculators simplify the job as much as possible. The main benefits of using them are:

  1. They make use of the high precision astronomical algorithms (in fact, the same algorithms as those used by my Moon Sign Calculator).
  2. They use a state-of-the-art database of geographical locations and time zone changes — something that my Moon Sign Calculator cannot offer). So these calculators provide the highest possible precision, in terms of time and space.
  3. They provide a lot more than just the Moon Sign. You will also get your Ascending Sign, the precise position of your Sun, and many, many other things.
  4. They typically provide an interpretation for various astrological factors.
These wonderful tools have a few downsides too. The main of them is that the resulting natal chart (a.k.a. horoscope) looks overwhelming to those who are not familiar with its basic structure and astrological symbols. On a positive note, you'll have a chance to learn something new, and it's really not that much to learn. You could use my free online lessons of astrology, if you wish. 

In this post, I will give you step-by-step instructions and an example of how to figure out the Moon Sign for a particular person. You can start here and then continue the adventure as far as you wish. 

On one of my websites, I host the online natal chart calculator created and maintained by Astrotheme. I believe it is the easiest to use, of all the existing similar calculators. This is how it looks initially:

We'll be calculating the Moon Sigh (as well as the whole natal chart) for Bruce Willis, who, according to AstroDatabank, was born at 6:32pm on the 19th of March 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Let's enter all this information into the calculator. You should have no problem with the date and the time, and once you start typing the name of the place into the City of Birth box, the calculator will start suggesting different locations that match what you've entered so far. It is sufficient to enter "Idar", and the calculator will already know exactly what you need. It will not only figure out for you the precise coordinates of the selected location, but also all the peculiarities of its time zones, as far as possible. I really like this feature! Here is what you should see after entering the data:

Press the Next button, and here it is, in all its beauty, the natal chart for Bruce Willis:

It can be a bit overwhelming, if you are new to horoscopic astrology, but bear with me. All you need now is to find the symbol of the Moon, which is a familiar crescent. Here is just the portion of the chart that shows the Moon:

You see that little yellow arrow that points from the symbol of the Moon to the zodiac. If you know the symbols of the signs of the zodiac, you'll immediately understand that at the moment Bruce Willis was born, the Moon was in Aquarius, so that's his Moon Sign. You might also notice that the exact position of the Moon in the natal chart of Bruce Willis is 2º 31' of Aquarius. However, you don't really need to be able to figure out all those tiny details. It is sufficient to just hover your mouse over the yellow symbol of the Moon, and the banner above the natal chart will put all the relevant details in plain English:

Now, if you click on that little orange square with an arrow on the righthand side of the banner (or, alternatively, simply click on the symbol of the Moon), you will instantly get a substantial amount of information about the Moon in general, about the Moon in Aquarius, and about a few other things. Some of that information can sound a bit cryptic, but there is still a substantial amount of what you can understand and appreciate:

Try clicking on different symbols, and you'll have a chance to learn quite a lot about the natal chart you've just calculated, and about the person to whom it belongs. There might be too much information there, so don't try to digest it all. This is a raw material of astrology. The role of an astrologer is to make sense of this ocean of details, to find a common theme, to define a problem — and hopefully to suggest a solution. But we are not going there right now. We wanted to find out the Moon Sign, and I hope you'll agree that it wasn't difficult. 

Similar free services are offered by Astrodienst (go to Free Horoscopes > Horoscope Drawings & Calculations > Chart Drawing, Ascendant) and by Astrolabe.


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