More on Cutting Hair with the Moon

In a very old post on using the information about the Moon's phase and sign to choose a time to cut hair, I followed the same approach that would be appropriate in gardening. Indeed, the way how hair grows is, in terms of biological evolution, similar to the way how plants grow.

Now, however, I found an additional information in a medieval astrological manuscript from the collection of Elias Ashmole. To be able to use this information, you need to know what the Mansions of the Moon are. You will also need to use the Universal Lunar Calendar, set up for your location.

Here is the list of the mansions from the Ashmole 396 manuscript that are related to cutting the hair, in one or another way:

Mansion 1: "Cut your hair and your nails".
Mansion 5: "Wash your head, shear your hair".
Mansion 7: "Shear your hair and wash your head, wear new clothes".
Mansion 9: "Shear not your hair".
Mansion 11: "Shear your hair if you will".
Mansion 13: "Wash your head and cut your hair".
Mansion 15: "Shear not your hair".
Mansion 17: "Shear not your hair".
Mansion 18: "Shear not your hair".


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