How To Find Out Your Moon Sign? Part 4: Unknown Time of Birth

First of all, if you do have some idea of what your time of birth could be, like, you were born in the morning or in the evening, or around lunch time, then simply take the approximate middle of the interval (say, 9am for a morning birth). Calculate the Moon Sign using the Moon Sign Calculator (or, if you prefer, a natal chart calculator). Pay attention to the degree of the Moon (the Moon Sign Calculator always shows the degree, like so: Degree: 10° 29'). If it's not within the first two degrees of the sign (from 0º to 2º) and not within the last two degrees of the sign (from 28º to 29º 59'), then you can be quite sure that the sign defined by the calculator is indeed your Moon Sign.

If the degree is within the first or the last two degrees of the sign then you will need to have a better idea of you birth time to have any certainty regarding your Moon Sign. In some cases, you might be able to compare the descriptions of the two neighbouring signs and decide which of them is more like you. A good test could be to recollect how you prefer to recover from a stress. Let's say, for example, that you did the calculation for 9am and you got Gemini for the Moon Sign, but the degree is very close to the beginning, say 0º 12'. If you don't know the precise time of birth, your Moon could be either in the very beginning of Gemini or in the very end of the previous sign, which is Taurus. Here you can ask yourself: what do you prefer to do after a significant stress, how do you recover? If you need for that to speak to someone by all means, and that helps you to restore your emotional balance, your Moon Sign is most probably Gemini. If, however, after a stress you used to have a strong desire to eat something tasty, then I'd believe your Moon Sign is Taurus. You can find out more about different moon signs in my Moon Sign Book.

So you can try to choose between the two neighbouring signs and decide which of them feels more appropriate for you, but if you still believe you need to have a better idea of your time of birth, wait for the next post where I am going to start discussing a very interesting and very simple approach to finding out an unknown birth time.

Now, what can you do if you have no idea at what time you were born whatsoever? There are a couple of approaches that might help you to figure out your Moon Sign, but none of them is 100% reliable. Still, in the very worst case scenario, you'll have only two signs to choose between, and the approach described above might be helpful. Also, in the next few posts I am hoping to show you a way to come to a good idea of your time of birth, even if it is completely unknown.

Let's return to the approach that will help you to at least significantly narrow down the number of candidates for your Moon Sign.

If you have a book with a table of moon signs for many years, like the one described in this blog post, you can check whether the Moon changed sign at all on the date of your birth. Using this example:

04 17:33 Pis
07 06:02 Ari,

if you were born on either the 5th or the 6th day of the month displayed in this particular table, your Moon Sign will definitely be Pisces, as the Moon was in Pisces for the whole of those days (however, do pay attention to the note below). If, however, you were born on the 7th day of the month, then you have about 25% for Pisces and 75% for Aries, the next sign. So you just need to decide which of the signs feels like more appropriate for you.

Note: the described approach will be simple and reliable for you only if you were born close to the time zone for which the tables in the book were calculated. For example, if the tables were calculated for Greenwich Mean Time while you were born in Los Angeles, the time in your place of birth was 8 hours earlier than GMT, so the Moon crossed from Pisces to Aries not at 6:02am on the 7th, as indicated in the table, but at 10:02pm of the previous day, and so you'll need to adjust the logic described above accordingly.

The more reliable way will be to use the Moon Sign Calculator. Let me show you the steps using a specific example. I am interested in the life of the first Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He was born on the 9th of March 1934 in the same time zone as Moscow, Russia. The time of birth is unknown.

The first step is to calculate the Moon Sign for the very beginning of the 9th of March 1934 (12:00am in the American format or 0:00 in the non-American format). The Moon Sign calculator gave me 19º 11' of Sagittarius.

Next, I'll calculate the Moon Sign for the very end of the date of birth, which is the same as the very beginning of the next day, i.e. 12:00am on the 10th of March 1934, same time zone. The result is 3º 20' Capricorn.

We've got two different signs, so this is a relatively complex case. However, we can see that on the 9th of March 1934 the Moon spent significantly more time in Sagittarius than in Capricorn, so even if we don't have any other information, the probability of Yury Gagarin having Sagittarius as his Moon Sign is significantly higher.

In another case you could find out that in the beginning of the day the Moon was at, say, 9º 20' of Sagittarius, while in the end of that day the Moon was in 22º 30' Sagittarius, so it was in the same sign for the whole day. There would then be no doubt that the Moon Sign of that person is Sagittarius.

Why I used an example of Yury Gagarin here is because many years ago I was trying to find a reliable method for defining an unknown birth time, and I used Gagarin's biography for that. I was unable to come to any convincing result then. Now, in the next few posts, I am going to approach the same problem with the help of a method I've recently discovered. Watch this space.


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