Lunarium and Caching

I just received an email saying that there is something wrong with Lunarium: the home page shows that the Moon is in Pisces. That, obviously, can't be the case, I mean, the Moon can't be in Pisces, as the Sun is now in Aquarius, and the Moon is full. So the Moon has to be in Leo, the sign opposite to Aquarius. I went to Lunarium, and the Moon was indeed in Leo. So what happened, why another visitor saw it in Pisces?

I receive emails with similar complaints from time to time, and the reason for the problem is caching. It can happen in a few different places, from the user's web browser to some server on the Internet through which the request and the response pass between the user and Lunarium. The nature of the problem is that the Internet (including all those bits from which it is made) wants to please you by all means, and for that to deliver each and every page you request as quickly as possible. Since many pages on the internet do not change every minute, web browsers and servers try to save the page that was requested (like the home page of Lunarium), and if it is requested again later, instead of going to Lunarium and retrieving the page again, they just send to the user the saved copy.

There are ways to prevent page caching. A web developer can use special headers to tell web browsers and servers to not cache the page. However, that doesn't guarantee that each of those guys will concede, as experience shows.

Problems like this do not happen too often, fortunately. But when they do happen, all you can do is re-request the page again. Sometimes you might have to do that a few times, before the culprit will realise that no, you don't want to have the cached copy, you need the real thing.

There is normally a button somewhere at the top of the web browser window, so try to simply press it. Or, if that doesn't help, press it again, but this time also pressing the Shift button on the keyboard. That should help.


  1. Thank you for explaining that to us.

    I am new to your site, but I think Lunarium Calendars kick the pants off anything else I have come across on line.

    I'm impressed with a;;the info you've included & really happy I found you. I really appreciate all the work you have done & what you offer us Alexander!!

    Thanks again =)

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Anonymous2:30 am

    I love your site so much it's set as my home page. Check it faithfully before making any important decisions. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I agree with Ad Astra. I love your site and use it on several devices. The iLuna app is one of my faves.


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