My New Book, DIY Astrology: Discover the Main Phases of Your Life

This book is a result of my experiment. I decided to try and simplify secondary progression (a method of prediction used by probably most professional astrologers) to such a degree that it could be used by everyone, and still delivered a good amount of useful information.

I first shared the idea in one of the issues of the Lunarium Newsletter and asked the readers to try the approach and tell me if it made sense for them. Several people responded that they found the method interesting and useful, so I went ahead and produced a whole book describing the approach and giving detailed examples.

The book is now available for free on the US and UK Amazon stores (from the 7th of May for 5 days), and for a minimal possible price in all the other stores. I am planning to keep it at that low price for a couple of weeks from now, as a promotion. Here are the links to the book on the different stores:

US Store

UK Store

DE Store

FR Store

ES Store

IT Store

NL Store

JP Store

BR Store

CA Store

MX Store

AU Store

IN Store


  1. Hi! Tnx for!! Please, can you explain how to calculate start and end lunar day?

    1. A lunar day begins with the moonrise and ends with the next moonrise. The only exclusion is the first lunar day of the month, it begins at the moment of the New Moon and continues until the next moonrise, therefore can be very short. And yes, the last day of the month begins with the moonrise but ends at the moment of the New Moon.

      You can read about this here:


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