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First of all an important note: You don't need to own a Kindle device to own and read Kindle books. If you have any computer, or smartphone, or tablet, there is a free Kindle app for it (you will easily find it by making a Google search for "Kindle app"). Just download and install such an app for your particular platform — and you are ready to read Kindle books.

I have published a Kindle book that explains pretty much everything there is to know about the void-of-course Moon periods. I start from the history of the concept and show that the void-of-course Moon was known and used in astrology at least a thousand years ago.

I then explain step-by-step what a void-of-course period is. The explanation is a little bit tedious but if you'll manage it, you'll know precisely the mechanics of this phenomenon.

Finally, I explain a number of ways how you can find out dates and times of void-of-course periods, and how you can use the knowledge in your daily life.

Here is the book:

Void-of-Course Moon Guide: The Foundation

If you like the book, please don't forget to write a good review! That will help me to find time and write more useful books.

Now, after I've written the first draft of the above book, I realised that although there are sources of information about the void-of-course periods, that information is still not widely enough available. What if I create a Kindle book that will have all the dates and times listed for many years ahead? The only problem is that those dates and times will be different in different time zones. So I decided to make a book for each and every time zone where my readers live. Here are the first books I published:

Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times: US Central Time

Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times: US Eastern Time

Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times: US Pacific Time

Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times: US Mountain Time

Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times: UK Time

A little bit later, a reader asked me to create a version for the Central European Time, so here it is:

Void-of-Course Moon Dates & Times: Central European Time

I am ready to create more of these books for different time zones, but I am waiting for you to ask me. I was already asked to create a version for the East Africa Time, so that will come soon.

Usually, once a new Kindle book is published, I announce it in the Lunarium Newsletter, and then the book remains free for five days (this promotion is currently only available on the US and UK Amazon stores). After that, I keep the price for the book at the lowest possible level ($0.99 in the US) for the rest of the first month. So if you want to know about all the new publications, please subscribe to my newsletter:

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