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Different Zodiacs: Which One is "Better"?

I just responded to an email, and I thought the topic and the questions were so common that I should share them here. First of all, many people believe that whereas Western astrology uses the signs of the zodiac, which are equal 30-degree sections of the ecliptic, Vedic astrology uses actual constellations. This is wrong: Vedic astrology also uses a zodiac made of equal 30-degree signs, but it uses the sidereal zodiac. The difference is in the starting point. The tropical zodiac used in Western astrology starts from the point of the vernal equinox, which is easily defined astronomically, and so tropical zodiac is well established, clear and unambiguous. In contrast, there are several different opinions regarding the starting point of the sidereal zodiac. The difference between these two zodiacs is called Ayanamsha, and there are several different Ayanamshas in use by different astrologers. The most popular and, as far as I know, officially approved in India is Lahiri Ayanamsha. T

Retrograde Planets' Resources

In my Lunarium Newsletter , I usually announce to my subscribers that a period of retrograde motion of a personal planet (Mercury, Venus, or Mars) is approaching. I point out the dates and then provide links to various resources about the retrograde motion, how it is understood from the astrological viewpoint. However, as retrograde motion happens every now and then, especially that of Mercury, I am becoming repetitive, and I have to copy and paste the same links from newsletter to newsletter again and again. To avoid such repetitions, I decided to create this post, and in it to bring together all the essential links related to the retrograde motion of the personal planets. Now in my newsletters, I will be able to only provide one link, to this post, and if new sources of information will appear, I will only need to update this one post. So things should become much easier! General Information on Retrograde Planets These links point to the sources of information about the retrog

The Main Phases of Your Life Online Calculator

Almost two years passed since I self-published my book, DIY Astrology: Discover the Main Phases of Your Life . The book is doing reasonably well but I wasn't happy about the fact that I offered the readers to do some clumsy manipulations with a calendar to figure out the main phases of their lives. This wasn't in the spirit of Lunarium. Lunarium makes things easy. Normally, you just need to press a button, and everything gets calculated for you. Now the same can also be said about the main phases of one's life, as I created a special online calculator exactly for this purpose . So what are you waiting for? Go find out when you are going to have that glorious progressed Full Moon!