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In my Lunarium Newsletter, I usually announce to my subscribers that a period of retrograde motion of a personal planet (Mercury, Venus, or Mars) is approaching. I point out the dates and then provide links to various resources about the retrograde motion, how it is understood from the astrological viewpoint. However, as retrograde motion happens every now and then, especially that of Mercury, I am becoming repetitive, and I have to copy and paste the same links from newsletter to newsletter again and again.

To avoid such repetitions, I decided to create this post, and in it to bring together all the essential links related to the retrograde motion of the personal planets. Now in my newsletters, I will be able to only provide one link, to this post, and if new sources of information will appear, I will only need to update this one post. So things should become much easier!

General Information on Retrograde Planets

These links point to the sources of information about the retrograde periods of all the three personal planets.

  • About Retrograde Planets article. A detailed discussion of the nature of the retrograde motion in general. It introduces the idea of three distinct phases of retrograde motion, which is quite valuable for the detailed understanding of the phenomenon. 
  • Current information on Lunarium's home page, which includes information on the most recent and the next coming retrograde periods.
  • A detailed information about the upcoming retrograde periods of personal planets. Here you'll find the dates of the retrograde periods for a few years ahead.

Information About the Retrograde Mercury

Here is one of Lunarium's newsletters discussing the positive aspects of retrograde Mercury.

Information About the Retrograde Venus

In this newsletter issue, I offer a more in-depth look at the nature of retrograde Venus.

Information About the Retrograde Mars

In this newsletter, I offered a more detailed discussion of the nature of retrograde Mars.


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