About the Micro-Lessons Project

Some time ago I decided to try a new approach to teaching astrology: micro-lessons. Unlike the project I am working on right now (Astrological Forecasting for Everyone, to be released in either the end of May or the beginning of June), which belongs to the popular astrology niche, the Micro-Lessons were conceived as a way of teaching technical, horoscopic astrology in a way that would be easy and unobtrusive even for complete newcomers.

At the heart of this approach is the idea to deliver knowledge in small, easily digestible portions, so that everyone could find time for studying astrology in his or her busy life, and even spending only, say, 15 minutes a day, would still be able to make a noticeable progress over time.

Here are the issues I was able to send to my subscribers so far (links go to MailChimp archive):

Micro-Lesson #1: Symbols

Micro-Lesson #2: the Zodiac

Micro-Lesson #3: The Elements

Micro-Lesson #4: the Qualities

Micro-Lesson #5: Describe Your Sign

Micro-Lesson #6: the Planets

Micro-Lesson #7: the Ecliptic

Micro-Lesson #8: the Ecliptic and the Celestial Equator

Micro-Lesson #9: the Sun's Journey

Micro-Lesson #10: What are the Signs of the Zodiac

The last of these lessons was published back in October 2016. Since then, quite a few changes took place in my circumstances. First, I decided to stop selling the best of my time to various employers. Second, I realized the powerful potential of a properly created video course, built on a contemporary platform, both in terms of my satisfaction as a teacher and from the viewpoint of value for students. The net result is that I am going to continue the Micro-Lessons project but not as a random sequence of emails. It's going to be a thoroughly planned and properly created, with good quality illustrations, handouts, homework, and so on, video course.

The provisional title is Micro-Lessons of Astrology: the Foundations. The plan is to start from zero and bring students to a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the foundations of the traditional horoscopic astrology. Having created this firm foundation, I will then be able to follow with more specialized courses, like Magi Astrology, as an example.

That's the plan, but of course, the first milestone on this path is the completion of Astrological Forecasting for Everyone. I just completed lesson 15 of 50.


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