Lunar Nodes Entering Leo/Aquarius — How Do We Understand This?

I explained what the Lunar Nodes are and how I approach their interpretation in my article The Lunar Nodes as a Life Guide. To briefly summarise this article, the recipe is:
go where the North Node is pointing, then the problems of the South Node will resolve by themselves.
However, my main emphasis in that article was on the position of the Lunar Nodes in a natal chart. How do we then understand the message of the transiting Lunar Nodes?

The usual direction of the Lunar Nodes is against the normal direction of the planets so we could say that they move “backwards”: from Pisces to Aquarius to Capricorn to Sagittarius and so on. To remind you, there are two of them: the North Node and the South Node, and they are always opposite each other in the sky. It takes 18.6 years for the nodes to make a complete circle around the zodiac, so they spend about a year and a half in each of the signs.

Recently (on May 10th) the North Node has entered Leo, and so the South Node has entered Aquarius. They will stay within these signs until November 6th, 2018. Before entering Leo/Aquarius, the nodes were in Virgo/Pisces where they entered on November 12th, 2015.

For me, the path drawn in the zodiac by the nodes shows the river of social life, the path of integration with the society. To use the power of this river, to follow its stream, we need to do something corresponding to the sign of the North Node. The sign of the South Node, I mean the activities and the topics corresponding to it, is usually perceived as a source of problems, but dealing with those problems directly would mean trying to swim against the river — not a good idea. Instead, we should involve ourselves in the activities of the sign pointed out by the North Node, and then the society and the circumstances of life will help us to succeed, and the problems of the opposite sign will either disappear or at least become less severe.

During the previous Virgo/Pisces period, the recommended activities were related to public health, healthy lifestyle, diet and exercises, as well as efficiency at work, attention to detail, cleanliness and other topics of Virgo. Topics perceived as problematic were related to drugs, alcohol, emotional oversensitivity, chaos, and other attributes of Pisces. So the advice of the nodes of the recent period, in short, would have been something like this: get to work, do things well, and your emotional problems will be resolved.

Now, after May 10th, the recommended activities are those related to personal creativity and self-expression. authority, nobility, being in the limelight, on stage, and other traits of Leo. The problems of the period that has just started are likely to be about fixed ideas and opinions, established teachings and ways of thinking, over-emphasis on technology and invention. As a brief advice, I would suggest this: no matter what others are thinking or saying, unleash your creativity and do what feels the best for you.

This was a qualitative judgment, but when it comes to the Lunar Nodes, there are some fine examples of quantitative approach too. In the 1930s, astrologer Louise McWhirter found a powerful and persistent correlation between the movement of the Lunar Nodes and the American economy. According to her, the low point of US economic activity is reached when the North Node transits through Aquarius, which is the opposite to the current situation and last happened in the years 2007 – 2008 – 2009 (does it ring a bell?). And the peak is expected to be reached, according to McWhirter, when the North Node is in Leo, and this is exactly where it’s just entered. So according to McWhirter and the Lunar Nodes, the outlook for the American economy is very good, and it seems that the correlation discovered in the 1930s still works quite well.

It can be interesting, and useful, to observe the contacts made by the nodes with planets, and McWhirter made some observations about these too, but this could be a topic for another post. I am also going to discuss important aspects and configurations of the nodes in the Lunarium News, and you are welcome to join my newsletter, if you haven’t yet.


  1. Fascinating article, and explained really well. i totally identify with what the nodes in Virgo/Pisces represented, and my body took a huge deep breath of relief when I read the 'advice' for NN in Leo - Let them think what they like - do what feels good to me! Something I have always aspired to! I guess it'll be much easier for the next 18 months :-) Thank you for your continued good work, I really appreciate it, Cinthia (Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon)

  2. Thank you for your time and expertise, Interesting times ahead !
    I noticed the change of nodes coincided with a full moon, is that always the case when the nodes shift?
    Many thanks Diana

  3. Shouldn't the stock market outlook advise caution? The peak could happen anytime during the NN in Leo.

  4. Great insights! Thank you so much :)

  5. Awesome I can't stop exploring your knowledge giving thanks!! My sun sign is Leo and my ASC is ♒ and I open this wonderful article!


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