Retrograde Mercury and British General Elections of June 8, 2017

Yesterday's elections proved to be disastrous for the ruling Conservative party. That was a shock, that was against most people's expectations. When Theresa May announced her decision to have snap elections on the 8th of June, everyone was speaking of a landslide victory that was virtually guaranteed for the Tories. And yet the real events took a very different course. This shouldn't have been a surprise for even a moderately knowledgeable student of astrology though.

On the day when the snap elections were announced, the 18th of April, Mercury was retrograde. Interestingly, the wording of the announcement carried the symbolism of retrograde motion: Mrs May mentioned that she was against the idea of such elections in the past, but now she changed her mind. Which is totally understandable, this is exactly what retrograde Mercury does to us: it causes us to change our minds. The problem was that she made a major, very important for the distant future decision when Mercury was retrograde. That's the worst thing she could do at that time.

The basic rules for retrograde Mercury are:

  • Explore different ideas, even the strangest ones, but do not commit yourself to any of them.
  • If something is going very well when Mercury is retrograde, chances are the luck will reverse soon. The opposite is true too. 
The other obvious mistake was the choice of the date for the elections. A few days before, three personal planets changed their signs. This means that on the 8th of June the general public was interested in new things and ideas, not the old ones, and any previous achievements and accomplishments could easily be forgotten. This was a good day for any new players, however crazy they are, not for the ruling party.

Also, notice that the biggest factual blunder of the Conservatives was their manifesto. A document, a message. Don't play with Mercury if you don't know the rules.  

This is how the general ignorance of the very basics of astrology can backfire.


  1. There once was a time when the first thing the King / Queen would do was call on the court astrologer to check things out before making major decisions. How times have changed.


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