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Vedic and Western Astrologies — Do They Say the Same Things in the End?

Do the Jyotish and Western systems say the same things in the end?  For example, in Western Astrology, I'm a Taurus Moon, but in Jyotish, I'm an Aries Moon.  Those are different things. : )  I'm wondering if studying the Jyotish Primer (and then the other course offered later) will help me to understand what I'm learning from the Western perspective, or if it's just going to confuse me. I was asked this interesting question by a potential student, and I am sure I will be asked a similar question many times in the future, as there were times when I was asking it myself. It's a natural question for everyone who dares to know both the Western Astrology and Jyotish, the mysterious and powerful Vedic Astrology. The answer I came to is this: different systems of astrology are like two stories told about the same person by two different story-tellers. They both are true and at the same time, they are different. What's important is to be consistent: listen to on

Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology — Which Was the First?

The widely accepted by the academia history of Western Astrology goes approximately like this: Babylonians kept observing the sky and recording their observations for many centuries, this is how astrology was figured out: by comparing what happened in the sky to what corresponded to it on the Earth. THEN THE GREEKS, who adopted the knowledge of the Babylonians, INVENTED THE HOROSCOPE. For the academics, most of whom do not possess any understanding of astrology, this logical step seems quite plausible. Those few who do possess the understanding, who are aware of how complex horoscopic astrology and its rules of interpretation are, such a sudden invention looks quite puzzling. It’s like if an indigenous tribe in Amazonia suddenly invented a helicopter. That new astrology that emerged soon after the conquests of Alexander the Great was called Hellenistic. Technically, the main difference is in the fact that Hellenistic astrology was horoscopic, which means it made use of the Ascendan